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Loyalty Scheme

MOT inspection, repairs and servicing


 Have your 5th MOT done with us at half price, only £19.50! Use our Loyalty Scheme and save money. Use with multiple cars and also cars belonging to family and friends. See below for T&C’s.
Price Guarantee   If you have an existing Loyalty Card stamped by Dock Street Garage we will honour the price written on your card, so even if MOT prices go up we will still charge you the price written on your card and the 5th at half price as long as your card is still valid.  
Using your card for friends and family   You may use your card with vehicles belonging to friends or family, or multiple cars of your own. Feel free to pass it on to whoever you like.  
Card Validity   Your Loyalty Card is valid for 4 years from the date of the first stamp. This means that even if you have only one vehicle that you have MOT’d by us every year, you will still be eligible for the discount.  
Replacement cards   If for any reason you fail to produce your card upon payment for your MOT we will not carry forward stamps from any previous cards regardless of any evidence that you have had past MOT’s done at Dock Street Garage.  
Loyalty Stamps   One loyalty stamp shall be awarded strictly upon cleared payment for an MOT. Cards shall NOT be stamped except upon payment. Further delays are not accepted. Your card may only be stamped by Dock Street Garage.  
Scheme expiry   Dock Street Garage may withdraw or change this Loyalty Scheme at any time however, as long as you can produce a Loyalty Card stamped by us we will honour the fees written on your card as long as the card is valid.